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Cameron has transformed from a hypersensitive, anxious showjumper  to a trusting, confident hunter.

A horse who was too sensitive to massage, he taught me to use the absolute lightest of touch to help him release tension in his mind and body.

Healing changed Cameron's life.


Grade B showjumper. Clever, assertive, much loved and highly respected. Always one step ahead. Will look after learners but will try it on with people who think they know better.


Boda benefits from regular massage and will position his body according to where he wants my hands to massage .



1.30  SJ and now venturing into Dressage.
An exceptionally sensitive and beautiful soul who has a special place in my heart.

BJ is a horse who responds well to sensitive touch. I will spend the first part of the session using touch to relax his mind because that helps to relax his body and makes the massage more effective. 


 HICCUP  (Kinsale Houdini)


1.40 showjumper.  My original teacher who taught me my motto  - 'the horse knows where he hurts'. Beautiful boy.  He'd be on my 'A' team.

The photo shows him pointing his nose to the ceiling, proving that I've found the magic spot.


A retired International Grand Prix showjumper stallion, Whin Whin is extremely sensitive to touch. He yawns when he sees me because he knows he'll have a relaxing session.


As a breeding stallion, he is given massage support when required during the season. He releases tension through yawns, nods and twitches . His breathing slows, his eyelids lower, his head will drop and his bottom lip will droop

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FINN  (Finnisk Castor)


1.40 SJ.  A super-confident, talented and hilarious horse. Finn has effervescent energy and loves life. He squeals with excitement when he's ridden. 

Finn benefits from massage, especially along  his gluteals. He likes to work with me and will stretch to help me go deeper. He's quite active during massage and he releases through large yawns.  

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