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Why would a stallion benefit from massage?


  • Collection is a physically demanding process that involves complex biomechanics.

  • Massage is an excellent way to help the stallion  cope with the physical process and to support the longevity of his breeding career.

  • To ensure a stallion is confident and comfortable, collections should be tailored to his preferences  (preferred side, collecting style, dummy/mare/ground etc).

  • The collection may only take 30 – 60 seconds but the intense physical activity involves his whole body, engaging key muscles and joints for prolonged periods.

Through my work at Stallion AI Services, I have helped stallions who were struggling to collect.  Massage can mean the difference between a failed collection or a successful collection.

I have worked on a variety of stallions from young competing stallions to retired International Grand Prix stallions.

For more information, please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss.

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