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Why do showjumpers benefit from massage?


Showjumpers need to be agile athletes. 


Courses are becoming increasingly technical and the horse needs to be able to move at speed, jumping approx. 12-14 obstacles of varying heights & widths within a specified time.


Supporting the horse through massage helps keep his body supple and helps optimise range of movement, assist in balance and helps him to generate power.


A supple body can mean the difference between clear and four, finishing within the time or with time penalties, staying sound or sustaining injury.


Having a supple body gives the horse the best chance to successfully negotiate tight turns, jump from varying distances and quickly adjust his speed and stride length as appropriate.


Many showjumpers are affected by musculoskeletal issues. Massage can help your horse prepare for competitions and recover from competitions, setting him up for success and supporting his longevity in the sport.

I work on horses from British Novice to International Grand Prix level. 

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