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Using techniques to ease muscle tension and improve mobility

What is Equine Sports Massage?


If, in some place in the body, a bone, a muscle, a tendon or a ligament cannot play its part freely because it is blocked by a spasm, blood circulation is impaired, resulting in troubles’  Giniaux


Equine sports massage  is the use of manual manipulation of muscles and soft tissue to enhance wellbeing and improve performance. Using various massage techniques, areas of tension can be identified and worked on to release spasms, restoring balance and leading to enhanced performance.


Benefits of massage

•            Enhances circulation

•            Enhances muscle performance

•            Identifies and reduces areas of tension

•            Increases range of movement

•            Aids relaxation.


Why massage?


To help your equine athlete perform to their  optimum ability


When to massage?

•            Pre / post competition

•            As part of the regular maintenance routine

•            If you feel a change in performance – stiffness, reduced flexion, preference for one rein, loss of rhythm, uneven stride length, change in temperament

•            As part of box rest recovery


What happens during  a treatment ?


The initial consultation consists of a visual assessment of horse – conformation, walk and trot up, plus information gathering with the owner/rider – case history, routine, reasons for the appointment.

The massage session -  I spend the first 5 – 10 minutes getting to know your horse and allowing it to get to know me, Some horses are shy and reserved needing more time to open up. Others are more confident and ‘get into it’ straight away. Each horse is an individual so I listen to them to assess to best way forward. It’s a two -way process. I then use a variety of techniques, using different pressures, to seek out and help reduce areas of tension.


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