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I work WITH your horse.

My aim is to help any horse that I'm asked to see, or any horse that asks to see me.

My motto is 'the horse knows where he hurts'. It's my job to listen for the tiniest communications from the horse. I listen with my hands, my eyes, my ears....all the time. It's up to me to create a relationship with the horse so that he will communicate with me, in order for me to help him. I focus on showjumpers, stallions and sensitive horses, but I also work with RDA ponies, leisure horses and companions.

In 2014/15, I trained with Mary Bromiley, MBE, and qualified with my ITEC Equine Sports Massage Diploma, achieving   Credit for my project - The Benefits of Massage for Showjumpers.


I work quietly, sensitively and patiently, combining my anatomy knowledge with my 'feel', working WITH the horse at his own pace to enhance comfort and performance.

Horses have always been in my life. I started investigating anatomy in 2001 when my competition horse started to go lame. I realised that although I could ride, I knew very little about the anatomy and biomechanics of the horse . Could she do what I was asking her to do? If not, why not? How could I help her? I attended a series of CPD weekends held by Mary Bromiley, MBE, the pioneer of Equine Physiotherapy, a Chartered Physiotherapist and physio to the New Zealand Olympic Equestrian team. I was hooked. We were only allowed to move on to the ITEC Equine Massage Course once we had become qualified in Human Massage, Anatomy and Physiology. 


Before I started my course, I spent a lot of time with horses who were on box rest, recognising where they liked to be touched, how this connected to their injuries, and how massage could help them. I also watched hundreds of jumping classes, watching thousands of horses jump anything from British Novice to Grand Prix , studying their techniques, agility and athleticism.

I attend regular CPD events including a whole horse dissection, Centaur Biomechanics workshops, BEVA conference, Horses Inside Out Biomechanics, Masterson Method and vet seminars. 


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